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There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by my self. ~ Brian Andreas

The Insider has created a database of kids shows that have queer characters. It can be looked at by show or by character, and includes cards with info like orientation, when and how confirmed. There are some deep cuts here too like the Silver Spoon from Dex's Lab.

Season 2 Trailer | The Owl House | Disney Channel Animation comes back this Saturday! Woot Woot, Hoot Hoot Hooty!

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That said, I like the content of it. A legendary yakuza gives up the life to get married & be a stay at home husband, & an active one. It's mostly comedy, w/ standalone stories.

What I like the most is this is Japan taking the hyper masculine image of the yakuza, & showing them being a loving, caring, & supporting sig-o. A badass, now turned badass cook, cleaner, & coupon shopper. He's not less masculine or less skilled for his turn. And we all have fun as he's doing it.

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I watched . And at first I was put off by the animation. And the form that takes is full-color, polished animatics. Lips flap most of the time, there are somewhat simple sliding animations, & simple multi-drawing animations scattered. All art is great quality. I had mixed feelings about, still kinda do, but it gets the point across. I'm not as offended by it as I thought I'd be, and animation can have a price-tag that's a barrier to getting something made. It'ssss... weird.

Yesterday was the birthday of Mel Blanc. Man of a thousand voices. If you hear a looney toon, it's most probably him. The high school drop out who knocked on doors to get a break. A legend in the industry, and a talent you dont see often. Who worked throughout his life, even after a bad accident. And always worked free for kids.
If you can, go watch a short, and listen to the guy bring life to a character.

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In a way, you've already won in this world, because you're the only one who can be you. ~ Mr. Rogers

Rocko’s Modern Life: Cartoons Coming out of the Closet An queer examination of RockosModernLife, a specific ep, the movie, & the secret undercurrent of LGBT themes in cartoons, both 90s and not.

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I absolutely LOVE this trailer. Just the gall of it. It is BEAUTIFUL, and that twist is quite choice.

I just finished . A short short video game about a woman, and the relationship she has with a guy. I mention it here because this game does so many interesting things with art and interactive storytelling. It's short and very linear, but you are participating in a story, nooo, a part of someone's life. Really interesting and beautiful. Love the character designs. And pretty cheap. Please play this great experience. Guarantee satisfaction.

I'm actually going to apologize for that last toot. I am excited about TucaAndBertie S2. But I should have just worded it normally. That is not a form a speech I should have taken as it is not from a place that I belong to. I'm sorry.

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The new season of the saved show will premier on AdultSwim June 13! Yeeaah, das right! One more month before we Tuca this up!

I really enjoyed this week's future episode. The Lisa/Marge centric one really goes into their relationship, and does something pretty different with Lisa's future. And cover's the pressure of college in some families.

One of my favorite Satoshi Kon movies, Tokyo Godfathers, is now a stage play in Japan. And I could see that happen. You dont get to see the depths of Tokyo, but it is a very theatric story.

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