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your friendly reminder that a group of crows making plans to meet is technically murderous intent

In "Boo! Appetweet" Sylvester finally eats Tweetie, and is haunted by the experience. A supershort that is missing something. And in "Bubble Dum", Daffy gets into a mess with some with his favorite fruit.

There is some good gross out humor in the Daffy one. And I kinda like exploring what would happen if Sylvester actual ate that bird. I will say the timing on some of these jokes (editing) is a ssscotch slower than I'd like, but still effective.

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A lonely seagull screaming about the lunch rush and how many sandwiches are on the menu!

#Krita #doodle #MastoArt

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#Artfight revenges on @/SentientRoomba and @fluffyfied

One more revenge to go and then I'm browsing the character tag again lol

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Decided to make my leszy I drew a character for my artfight so I drew some quick drawings of them in other seasons. Their name is Breza #mastoart

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Started working on the next Ubuntu animal illustration. 😎
If you want to support this new creation:
✨ Obtain
💌 Patreon
🌼 Donation Button
🦄 Commission me sylvia.ritter[@]duangle[dot]com
#art #illustration #mastoart

How to pitch Warner Brothers Animation This is pretty neat, a guy who goes over how to approach a major animation studio/company with a pitch, and what they may be looking for.

This time we have Big League Beast, where Bugs wants to watch the big game at a neighbor's house, but mad scientist wants Gossamer to do what he does best [& it's still not good at it]. Then a *super short* Elmer & Bugs [heh]. And lastly, Firehouse Frenzy, where Porky & Daffy have difficulty responding to fire call.

They do some weird things with Gossamer in BigLeague. And there is an elaborate fireman's pole sequence I love. Also, smartphone appearance. Still good so far.

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The productions on all of them do a fair job of recapturing the art style of the 20-60s toons, without the pitfalls of 20-60s technology. There was a very small cat-calling joke I think we could have done without. But so far, we dont have the pitfalls of 20-60s social progress. For a min there, I thought we were getting a gay situation with Daffy and the Monkeybird, but then the toon sets Daffy as the "woman" of the situation. Mostly, it's fun so far.

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I'll be watching 1 a day [unknown how consistently]. Altho, one cartoon is a bit misquoted as this 12 min episode contains 2 shorts & a supershort.

1st is "Curse of the Monkeybird", a Porky & Daffy outing to a remote island on a hunt to find the treasure of said Monkeybird. This was fun. It had some fun ancient ruins jokes. After a supershort Marvin toon, we have Harm Wrestling. Where YosamitySam ropes Bugs into an arm wrestling match. Bugs is an adequate ass in this one.

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#wip of a Tar'nex, one of my personal #alien creations. I hope to finish it soon, I was lazy with this one.. also I'm afraid to mess up the shading ^^'
#pencildrawing #traditionalart #MastoArt #CreativeToots #monster #exoskeleton #TarNex #skull #pencil #creaturedesign #creature #creatureconcept

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Cuphead (Netflix) Sneak Preview
Some behind the scenes shots while Cuphead is in production, while in quarantine, and the 2 main voice actors.

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hello my name is Jessica and i need a job.

i have a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, but at this point i would take nearly any programming work.

i have experience numerous languages, operating systems, frameworks, and toolkits.

i am also an autistic transgender lesbian so any work i take has to be accommodating.

i'm currently living in east coast USA but willing to relocate nearly anywhere.

résumé available on request, thank you ✨

A woman who worked on 3Below and Trollhunters talks about and upcoming artist asking her what other fields to go into besides gaming/animation due to stories of abuse within them. No CW needed.

Netflix Will Release Aardman’s ‘Chicken Run’ Sequel Worldwide I was ok about the original Chicken Run, but I'm all for more Aardman. Maybe I'll rewatch the original.

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