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This week's Simpsons was fantastic. Sharp as hell writing. Plus, I can never see the ship captain the same. That is all.

I have lost SO much time to this lovely thread.

This animator on twitter has made a thread in honor of Jeff Fowler and his . It's a tribute to directors that go from animation to live action throughout history. And it is extensive and fantastic. It's interesting to see the transition. Plus these are some really great clips to movies I NEED to watch.

Well, today is the day. We find out how the is.

But before that, a message from someone that worked on the movie. This is one of the character designers speaking up for some of the people in the movie you dont see.

Soo, Pixar Story.. I mean Toy Movie.... The Pixar thing won. Also water is wet, and the Oscars so white.

Meanwhile, a really good short won the Short category. And maybe instead of rewarding the academy's complacency by mentioning it, we can celebrate what they did right.

Here is the winner of the short category, in full, on the official Sony youtube: Hair Love

'Klaus' Is Up For Best Animated Feature Film At Oscars
director talks about his early career, handdrawn and CG animation, and how he believes animation is not a "genre".

Oh, wow. So I recommended watching anything by Satoshi Kon after he won a WinsorMcCay ANNIE. Well, here's a great chance.

Tokyo Godfathers will be airing at certain theaters as a 2 night Fathom Event. Also, one night is showing a new Eng dub.
If you're interested, go to the link and enter your zip code to find a theatre near you playing it. If there isnt one, try requesting it at one nearby.

It makes me sick
I'm digging the minor animations here. Gorillaz always does so much with so little.

So I would -really- like to watch these behind the scenes of Dark Crystal AoR. I would. What bits I have seen look impressive and like hard work.

But I just cant. I want to preserve that magic. I want to see them more as journeyers and warriors. If I see too many of these, I might see them more as puppets. And I just cant do that to Thra.

#AnnieAward spoilers and general gushing 

Also, look out for the music. Some times it comes in really loud.

Also also, old coot Ed Asner is a hoot.

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The ANNIE Awards are *LIVE* right now on Vimeo
Altho, it is choppy, and you might have to refresh a few times. So look out. But, hey, you can watch it live.

So this definitely had low grade technology, even when it was made. BUT, had some real moments of talent behind it. I really recommend it be seen at least once.

Reels of some of the individual animators on . One vid for each showing rough animation. YES, this movie was hand-drawn, baby.

I cannot say enough I am enjoying (2019). They have given me a cool version of Supergirl, all of the girls.. all of the characters have great personality. It has the Invinci-Bros📣 📣 📣, and SUPER PETS!! And in general super hero show.

I am not sure how I feel about this. CW: cartoon, FamilyGuy brutality (but that's not what's weird)

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