@glimpse Very unfortunate news. This has been an important project. Hope it can be revived at some point.

I always smile to myself when I see the logo for this animation studio.

What color is the bag in the logo?

@silverseams Tried the Flatpak? That’s what I use on Buster.

audacity, help request 

@finn I know the dialogue you're describing, but I haven't seen it for the last few versions. I think the current behavior is to turn all imported audio into uncompressed chunks as *.au files in the <project_name>_data folder.

Online help suggests there's a preferences setting to modify this behavior, but I can't find it. I think Audacity documentation is lagging behind development.

@GoatsLive I miss the ol’ chin rug. Shaved it so the mask would be more effective. Was horrified to discover that, at some point, I started getting JOWLS. I’m too young to be this old, man.

Crumbs in my face mask. A very 2020 problem.

These children’s drawings are great. I also like the way the drawings were animated for this article.


@BradReed Using "nomodeset" during boot would be worth a shot. If it works at all, it should do so regardless of whether you're using AMD or Nvidia.

If that doesn't work, you'll probably need to boot in recovery mode and undo whatever it was you did last before the system stopped working, using the command line.

Here's how you get to recovery mode on Ubuntu. wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode

@charleskenny How about a feature-length CGI reimagining of “Dance of the Hours” from Fantasia?

@charleskenny I would have voted for the reprise if I’d seen the poll in time. Loved how Jafar subverted Al’s grand entrance number. (Talking about the ‘92 version, of course. Still haven’t seen the remake.)

@aurpera They’re both very good, but I think the version with the yellow background elements says “afternoon” more than the blues, and do a better job of establishing figure/ground relationship.

RIP Mort Drucker. Spent a lot of hours on my best friend’s front porch reading Mad Magazine TV & movie spoofs drawn by him. nyti.ms/2ViYpIn

Just got the image editor 0.1.2 update from Flathub. Looking good! @glimpse

@FtbComics Welcome, looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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