I always smile to myself when I see the logo for this animation studio.

What color is the bag in the logo?

Just a quick morning sketch, from a photo by Marcus J. Ranum posted on line-of-action.com

Clearly been too long since I've drawn with my Intuos tablet. Display tablets have spoiled me.

Are small children and puppies hiding in YOUR air ducts?

Just got my EFF Panopticlick results... and an appeal to share the tool on birdsite, book-of-faces, and geeplus.


nudity in art 

Been too long since I've sketched, and this poor model's proportions clearly paid a price.

Reference photo by Marcus J. Ranum, as posted on line-of-action.com/

Made with @Krita

Been pretty sick the last couple of weeks, so I haven't gotten much new drawing done. Here are a few random sketchbook pages from sometime last year. Drawn from reference photos at line-of-action.com, as usual.

nudity in art 

Quick sketch. Photo reference from line-of-action.com

Yeah, that right elbow is kind of messed up. Oh well.

First sketch of 2019. Corinthian capital from a broken set piece at an ad agency in American Fork, Utah.

nudity in art 

Just a couple of quick sketches from earlier today. From reference photos on line-of-action.com and made with @Krita

nudity in art 


Ten 30-second poses, five 1-minute poses, two 5-minute poses, and one 10-minute pose. Reference images from line-of-action.com in class mode.

Made with @Krita

Understated Christmas desktop wallpaper I made a couple of years ago. Feel free to download, use, modify, and redistribute.

Here's a sequence from my work-in-progress animated short, Crosstown Chaos.

Hello! My name is Palmer. I'm a generalist, living and working in West Jordan, Utah, USA. I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in animation from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2016. You can see my portfolio, demo reel, and résumé at palmeranimates.wordpress.com

I animate using on a refurbished HP Z400 workstation running /Linux, and a 20-inch Yiynova tablet monitor. I love drawing with lots of squash, stretch, smears, and multiples.

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