These are one in the same. Ancaps do not belong in the anarchist community; we seek to dismantle hierarchies of power. Capitalism not only depends on hierarchies of power, but also slavery, especially for children. They're all frauds.

Is it scary that I made this back in January, and it's more relevant now than ever?
Evangelical centrism for the L

Just so y'all know, the Nightman comics kinda suck. They're boring and mediocre just like their writer, Steve Englehart. How revolutionary do you expect a sheltered ass white cishet boomer to really be? Night man is, as he himself said, "Shadow man done 'right'". Incidentally, Shadow man was a poc. smh
Anyway, the character's mine now. They're queer and leftist AS FUCK. Nobody saw this glow-up coming.

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