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Hi! I'm Sidni, a digital artist who loves character design and who hopes to become a graphic designer one day! Here is some of my work ❤❤

@Lunarpynes An awful lot of practise drawing characters in general. The ones you find on the internet also have multiple revisions if they're used for production work.

Imagine being able to draw a character turnaround without the proportions being wack. How do professionals do it??

DND sounds like the great/horrible idea.

Hi I’m Hayate. I’m currently living in US. I’m interested in drawing and writing, mostly about shows/Anime/movies I like (Marvel, Transformers, Criminal Minds, etc). Three favorite actors are RDJ, Thomas Gibson and Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m also a new mom and currently holding my 6 weeks old daughter while typing this lol

femdom, 女攻男受, OFC/Hotch, 原创女主x好吃叔 


Working on models and renders again, this time it's just a still image though.

Trying to find my watercolor style for my on going game . I like the result but still need some improvement

Goblins are incredibly prone to hoarding objects of their interests. The most common hoard type being chips, primarily due to the shiny center. Whether the items in their hoards are stolen or obtained legitimately is determined by their morals.

Goblins are also renowned for their short tempers, obsession with hygiene and strange allergy to bananas.

#art #myart #myartwork

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