I was commissioned to draw Hornet from #hollowknight by TeamCherryGames after the announcement of Silksong. Hollow Knight is one of my favorite games and I had great pleasure working on this!!! #mastoart

It's the girl that becomes shards of glass at will and knocks you out with a shield, in the name of the Great Spirit. #bionicle #monster #mastoart #terato #biomechanical #biomech

Owa, The Great Sage of Discovery

New OC, a Turaga Kaita. They govern the city of Haule, located on the Northern Continent. The city sits at a natural arch overlooking the Wairuha Fjord.

They are a fusion of three Turaga, with their elements being Magnetism, Ice, and Water.


Or, rather, how he imagines himself to look like when he flies.

First actually new drawing of 2019, my OC Koma! He's a chubby demitoran of sonics who stims by purring to himself a lot and has a boyfriend. His bf gifted him a tablet so he can watch music videos!

hiveswap spoiler under CW
so, Prospit+Time is legit sign for MSPA reaader

the fediverse seems to be having a collectively bad mental health day. here is a spell to help

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