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Welp, I guess it's actually time to live up to my username. Here's the first three installments of David: A Webcomic. Further description is given in the alt text of each.

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Hi there.
I'm David. I'm a writer/artist, primarily for my own enjoyment. I've been doing this webcomic thing on a Discord server that I'm on, and I've been thinking of expanding my horizons/audience to a more global - er - "global" scale. Fair warning: it don't look good. Art isn't really passion of mine, it's more of a hobby. My true aspiration is to become a game designer... but that's a few years off. Oh well. Here's a picture of the strip's cast to start this off well.

Fool. You do not move around the Earth, the Earth moves around you.

sooner or later i need to watch through the entirety of the classic star trek shows

RE: mh (-)/fears 

mh (-)/fears 

Just updated my bio to actually have, y'know, actual information about myself instead of just a weird ramble.

yay change

Noticing that Sarah with her new hairstyle looks disturbingly similar to how I render Inklings, and I have multiple images in my head now.

late night mumbles (~) 

Hey uh I’ve always wondered if anybody outside my followers list actually regularly reads my strip.

Today, I found out that I *really* can't draw a character lying down if another is standing up in the same panel.

It just looks... odd to have two characters existing on two different axes without it looking like they're on the same part of the plane.

A three dimensional artist, I am not.

today I found out that the One Punch Man dub premieres on Saturday and honestly i'm so excited

Just a quick reminder that if you're contributing to #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 2 and haven't given me your work, it's due in about three weeks!

If enough of you can't make the deadline, I may just push the launch back a few weeks, so there's not any pressure or anything!

it's nice, but like at the same time, i kinda miss the rush of "oooh is it a real person this time"

i've been getting *waaaay* less follow requests after i blocked the domain that was spamming the lewd bots

Proposition to call that weird perfection grey-area in physics where something is neither touching the ground nor off it the "equilimborium"

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