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Welp, I guess it's actually time to live up to my username. Here's the first three installments of David: A Webcomic. Further description is given in the alt text of each.

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Hi there.
I'm David. I'm a writer/artist, primarily for my own enjoyment. I've been doing this webcomic thing on a Discord server that I'm on, and I've been thinking of expanding my horizons/audience to a more global - er - "global" scale. Fair warning: it don't look good. Art isn't really passion of mine, it's more of a hobby. My true aspiration is to become a game designer... but that's a few years off. Oh well. Here's a picture of the strip's cast to start this off well.

TV show concept: a mockumentary styled after an HGTV house flipping type show where the obligatory family segments are total chaos and nobody is actually any good at their job, often taking the house with them.

Hey so I kinda sorta wanna start on another comic series that I’ve been conceptualizing for a couple of years now but never found the right execution. I’d probably start production after TFTF Vol 2, but right now I’m kinda thinking of the logistics. I feel like actually posting it on a dedicated webcomics hosting site (like Tapas or something like that), but I’ve never actually *tried* to do something like that. Anyone have any recommendations on what site to use, if any at all?

We really need a bot that scrapes Frinkiac to produce random The Simpsons screenshots and/or gifs.

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