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Welp, I guess it's actually time to live up to my username. Here's the first three installments of David: A Webcomic. Further description is given in the alt text of each.

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Hi there.
I'm David. I'm a writer/artist, primarily for my own enjoyment. I've been doing this webcomic thing on a Discord server that I'm on, and I've been thinking of expanding my horizons/audience to a more global - er - "global" scale. Fair warning: it don't look good. Art isn't really passion of mine, it's more of a hobby. My true aspiration is to become a game designer... but that's a few years off. Oh well. Here's a picture of the strip's cast to start this off well.

The Xbox One was totally worth it.

I mean, I haven’t even played Fallen Order yet, I’ve only been playing Minecraft, and I’m still really liking the system.

*listens to entirely unfitting music while drawing the single most tragically serious strip that I've ever made*

I also wonder how surreal it would be to actually meet in person one of us who've never actually revealed what they look like to the world.

Like there'd probably be a lot of "I imagined you to be a lot taller/shorter/buffer/thinner/younger/older/etc."

Every once in a while, I think of the *sheer amount* of coincidences that would have to occur that would end in me meeting literally any one of the handful of people on this site that know me best from my comics.

Like how would you react when you find out that the guy you're looking at is the guy who posts those dumb comics on the internet?

How would you react if you met literally anyone that you recognized from off the Fediverse?

Another quick question for the Fediverse, this time not as panicked.

So yeah I got an Xbox One last night (with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and Minecraft) and I just wanna know if any of you guys had any suggestions about games for it.

I’m looking for less obvious choices (eg not stuff like the Final Fantasy games, KHIII, Halo, of which I’m definitely buying the Master Chief Collection next, I’ve never actually played any of the Halo games before), but anything is appreciated!

Legit though, this is an honest question, how the hell do you draw a snout

Through a bizarre series of bizarre coincidences, I’ve found myself in possession of an Xbox One

Another problem is that I kinda want to introduce an alien race of anthro wolves or something into the series, because in my mind it looks good. Problem is, making a distinctive alien race, especially when dealing with a type of character design that I’m not particularly comfortable doing, is far more daunting than, say, adding a bust line to a female character.

Please community I need your help, how the hell do you draw a snout

I think the most frustrating part of making Battle Front is that I have multiple big long stories that I *want* to tell but at the same time, I'm only uploading one page a week and it almost feels like I'll only get through the initial introduction story after a year's worth of pages.

what is pacing

Honestly if anyone has any tips, advice, ideas, or even more preferable platforms to Ko-Fi to give me, I'd be very very grateful.

Man if I’m actually serious about getting a Ko-Fi by the end of January, I better research *what* I need to do to get one and what the benefits are...

Am I in over my head? Probably.

Re: Battle Front Preview (possible light spoilers) :boost_ok: 

Re: Battle Front Preview (possible light spoilers) :boost_ok: 

Battle Front Preview (possible light spoilers) :boost_ok: 

so I've finished the first four pages of Battle Front...

should I post 'em here as a *ahem* "preview"?

probably gonna get a Ko-Fi sometime next month so that's cool

body functions, yokai/Japanese mythology, actually kinda gross 

drawing, mildly lewd anatomy ref but nothing icky, caps 

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