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Welp, I guess it's actually time to live up to my username. Here's the first three installments of David: A Webcomic. Further description is given in the alt text of each.

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Hi there.
I'm David. I'm a writer/artist, primarily for my own enjoyment. I've been doing this webcomic thing on a Discord server that I'm on, and I've been thinking of expanding my horizons/audience to a more global - er - "global" scale. Fair warning: it don't look good. Art isn't really passion of mine, it's more of a hobby. My true aspiration is to become a game designer... but that's a few years off. Oh well. Here's a picture of the strip's cast to start this off well.

So I got myself a buncha oil paints today for half off...

Bob Ross time

Here's a thing I made in Krita

Honestly, to me, Krita's pretty hard to use (probably because I've used Autodesk Sketchbook for so long), but there are some pretty good effect brushes.

Step 1. Play Legoland
Step 2. Hear the theme
Step 3. Hear the theme more due to a music glitch
Step 4. Proceed to never play another theme park simulation game ever again without listening to the song at least once whilst playing it

Here's some characterization for Bob. This strip's punchline was a bit different when I originally wrote it (read, the entire strip was drawn around a single line), but I realized that it really only entertained myself, so I changed it. I believe my original punchline was based on something I read here. Oh well, these things happen every once in a while.

I’m back and doing nothing! David: A Webcomic AMA part 3 let’s go!

If you have a burning question, no matter how weird, ask me, and I’ll give some kind of answer! It doesn’t even have to be relevant, just ask, and I’ll respond!

I have a totally badass idea for a character, but I’m nowhere near my computer to create it. 😐

Still not doing anything at all so...
David: A Webcomic AMA session part 2 let’s go!

So don’t be afraid to ask me anything! At all! And I’ll answer it! Probably!

So I’m basically not doing anything for the next few hours so...

Ask me anything session let’s go!

Why nobody has made a talk show exclusively using reused animation of Skeletor from the '80's He-Man cartoon a la Space Ghost Coast To Coast is a mystery to me

Me: Is sad because dog is too old and big to successfully cheese

Also me: Has a sociopathic talking penguin in his comic’s cast to cheese with possibly catastrophic results

And this is probably going to be the next strip that I draw

This strip's writing is probably my favorite so far. I think I got the pacing down pretty well.

I have two Super Mario World DVDs that make up like 10/11 of the complete series. Yes, that includes the infamous Mama Luigi.
It’s an absolutely terrible show.
But I’ll be damned if it’s not fun to watch.

Me: wants to adapt a comic that I did before switching to digital in animation

Also me: “But can he *act*?”

Heyo Fediverse, gotta question: are there FOSS video editors out there? If so, what one’s the best?

I just feel like it’d be hypocritical to use a closed source video editor to test out Krita’s animation powers.

So apparently it’s World Book Day, so... read a book I guess!


After Harry fed the cows, it was on to the sheep. Slowly and carefully, he took each sheep one by one and placed them into the pen.

Hagrid inspected his work and nodded in approval.

“You’re a wiz heard, Harry.”

So who else would be a totally awesome composer if they actually knew how to write music?

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Here's the first strip I made on my new Huion Tablet! Being able to actually see what I'm drawing on the surface of what I'm drawing it on makes a *huge* difference, lemme tell ya.

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