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The scariest video game jump scare. For reals. 

Poppy Playtime? Five Nights at Freddy's? Slenderman? Pffft.

Grannie's Garden tho.

One feature I would love to implement if it's possible is a link called 'On this day' that finds any posts with todays date and shows any from previous years on that same day. So 16th May would show posts from that day in 2010 and 2007 or something, for example.

There must be some CSS or JavaScript out there that could do that, I'm just having a hard time finding it. Giant bomb has a feature like this on their home page for their videos.

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Right I think I'm done tinkering with this for now. Thank god Tumblr has a revert theme html option as I almost lost all my hard work!

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I have also added a site history page that briefly chronicles my entire time on the internet, from Manga-Gaga to today!

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Last night I tried out a new design for my website. Now there is a menu bar on the side rather than the buttons under the logo at all times and the posts show the text and media underneath them. Still needs a bit of tinkering but let me know what you think! Using a Tumblr theme called 'Indy'.

I tried to convert a swf to a gif on cloudconvert and ended up with this. I found a better solution in the end but this is a fun happy accident!

Video contains LOTS of swearing, violence 

Cyber City OEDO 808 Condensed...remastered! 15 years and 1 month after the original upload here it is again in glorious HD with a couple extra scenes thrown in to boot!

The HD footage is sourced from the amazing blu-ray release from last year which you can buy here:

This was edited together quickly last night for the fun of it, the thumbnail art is from an old Manga-gaga comic!

Tomorrow I'm uploading a dumb remaster of one of my oldest youtube videos.

It happened!! Thanks to @tantedante for being my 900th YouTube subscriber!

It's ok Marvel you don't need to keep pumping out movies every other month you've made plenty you can stop now. Signed cinema staff.

Just put out the first part of the full livestreams where I worked on my using Veadotube Mini over on !

Haven't really talked about on here yet! Lately in my spare time I've been having a lot of fun with the A500 Mini! My one came with a cute little blue disk-styled USB stick!

The Amiga was my first home computer when I was a small lad, and a lot of the games on it formed my gaming tastes so having this quick and easy way to load the games of me youth up has been a real treat!

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