The collection! Still want to one day get the Game Gear and Master System versions. (The Sor3 vinyls cover is framed)

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Happy 31st anniversary to GOAT belt-scrolling punchy game Streets of Rage! I first played the original on the Sega Classics Collection for the Mega CD!

Sees a great house that ticks all the boxes for sale.
"this is too good to be true"
Its already sold when we phone to book a viewing, so yep!

Gotta be in there minus six months from sale day with twice it's value in cash to stand a chance.

The first animation project is now essentially done! Now to head back to the second one that requires four one-minute shorts (six in total, two are done)! Phew!

In terms of my freelance animation gigs one of them is getting close to done (end of this month I reckon) and then the other one will be most of my August and September most likely. Can't wait to get back to streaming when I can!

The first project will most likely not be made public as its a training film (maybe the first chapter might like last years film) but the second project definitely will be!

Ironically most of the stuff I wanna stream will involve more animating lol

@admin Oh boy, where to start?
Food Fight, Freddie as F.R.07, Christmas in New York, Elf Bowling the movie...

Me and my fiancé are glutton for punishment. Not even counting literal bottom of the barrel stuff like anything by Dingo pictures etc

Randomly found these previously un-scanned doodles of early concept sketches for Gaga Kun from 2020. At one point he might of had shorts and a hoodie!

Seeing if Dall-E mini can come close to what my OCs look like by describing them and the results are....well, these. A couple get kinda close!

The multi-hit combo of:

- my day job ramping up in busy-ness
- my freelance animation projects dragging along way longer than planned
- my backlog of commissions
- chasing up house rental repairs
- parents breathing down my neck over getting onto the property ladder one day really taking a toll on my physical and mental health lately. I'm just so tired and there's no end in sight to any of it. Just gotta plow through it..

Decided to take one of the random doodles I did when playing Art Sqool last year and make a full illustration of it. Why? WHO KNOWS!!!!

My Mega Drive shrine/corner of the house looking pretty sweet now I've got some frames up!

@bluebabbler all the friends I had like that are now online only as I moved away from where they all are and it doesn't feel the same chatting online. Almost four years in a new place with no tangible friendships to speak of up here yet..

This isn't just a day-job thing really, I often feel out of place online too. I really don't have enough of an opinion on things to come across as interesting? and I just kinda keep my thoughts to myself more often than not as when I do voice them they are usually dumb af.

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Just gonna have to face the fact that no matter what job I take, how many people work there or where it is I'm never gonna be able to make friends out of it. People just choose to merely tolerate my existence and only talk to me if they have to.

Not sure if it's an age gap thing all everyone's Neurodivergent radars go off the moment I walk into the room or if I'm just too shy and/or boring. Who knows..

@csepp @admin been a while since i watched it so maybe thats who im thinking of actually

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