The collection! Still want to one day get the Game Gear and Master System versions. (The Sor3 vinyls cover is framed)

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Happy 31st anniversary to GOAT belt-scrolling punchy game Streets of Rage! I first played the original on the Sega Classics Collection for the Mega CD!

Randomly found these previously un-scanned doodles of early concept sketches for Gaga Kun from 2020. At one point he might of had shorts and a hoodie!

Seeing if Dall-E mini can come close to what my OCs look like by describing them and the results are....well, these. A couple get kinda close!

Decided to take one of the random doodles I did when playing Art Sqool last year and make a full illustration of it. Why? WHO KNOWS!!!!

My Mega Drive shrine/corner of the house looking pretty sweet now I've got some frames up!

“You are legally required to draw Amy with boxing gloves“ some guy on bird site says. You don’t have to ask me twice!

It's fellow @Alreadyish !! Felt a sudden urge to draw her while watching one of her youtube streams!


Inspired by a 'draw your in the palette' fad going around. This was way too much fun to do.

The icon I made for my old character The Howdooyoodoo somehow became a full illustration for the fun of it.

The scariest video game jump scare. For reals. 

Poppy Playtime? Five Nights at Freddy's? Slenderman? Pffft.

Grannie's Garden tho.

Last night I tried out a new design for my website. Now there is a menu bar on the side rather than the buttons under the logo at all times and the posts show the text and media underneath them. Still needs a bit of tinkering but let me know what you think! Using a Tumblr theme called 'Indy'.

I tried to convert a swf to a gif on cloudconvert and ended up with this. I found a better solution in the end but this is a fun happy accident!

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