Inspired by a 'draw your in the palette' fad going around. This was way too much fun to do.

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@AnimatedAF I didnt know that was a thing. Where is this a fad?

@Scofisticated bird site lol but also seen a lot of it on newgrounds

accessibility tip 

@AnimatedAF Hey so just a heads up, the image description tag is more meant for accessibility purposes, not for hiding easter eggs.

@AnimatedAF Not really, at least I would consider it to be in bad taste towards people who rely on it for their accessibility needs.

@csepp that's fair, I've been using it like a alt text feature but if thats not its proper purpose theres plenty of characters on the main toot. Still learning masto etiquette!

@AnimatedAF Thanks. UwU
Tbh this should be general net etiquette, like, the point of the alt property on img tags is accessibility. People on fedi just tend to promote accessibility more. Not sure how their use as easter egg hidey-holes started, maybe it was with webcomics. 🤷

@csepp I was running a webcomic between 2001-2006 and they were definitely used for Easter eggs back then! My websites have also been littered with flavor text hidden in alt tags.

@csepp I'm not sure if screen readers were even a thing back in those days of the internet, but whenever sites teaching you about HTML talked about alt tags it was more "hey you can add cool extra text to your pictures! its neat!"

@AnimatedAF I suspect they were, I've talked with blind people who recounted tales of old tech made for them and I think it stretched back to the 90s. 🤔
Although even if screen readers weren't widespread, bad internet connection definitely was, which is the other situation where alt text comes in handy, because some might not be able to afford loading every image. UwU

@csepp The more you know! I'm definitely not the kinda person that'd be aware of any of this, especially back then when I was a teenager, but it's interesting! Started looking into describing my art properly with alt tags on my website where I can.

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